How Effective Is Natural Fly Repellent?

When people did not had much of the awareness they were happy to use the effective fly sprays which were full of chemicals, they did not have any problems with their content as long as these were doing their job but then when people became more aware and learnt that there are other natural fly repellent that you can even make at your home and these have many benefits as well and are totally free from all kind of chemicals and these are also very much cost effective. They turned their attention towards the making of these.

You can have the natural fly repellent which has all the natural ingredients from the market and you can make one of your own and this will be equally effective. First of all, you need to choose the herb which you like, the herb could be any one from the lavender or peppermint. If you already have any of this in your house, you can use it otherwise you can use the one whose smell you like the most. Then the next step is to release the oils from the herbs you choose. These herbs contain the natural essential oils in these and these are very much important in the natural fly repellent. In order to extract the oils, you need to cook the herbs like you make tea from these which means that you need to add around 2 cups of the water and you must leave this to heat up and when it reaches to the point where it is almost boiling then you must add the herbs and let it boil for some more time so that the herbs are releasing the oils in these. Then when these herbs are cooked properly and these releases and the water color has changed in to the color of the herbs then you must strain the herbs and put the herbs water into a jar. Then this the time when you mix your witch hazel which is very much important to actually bind the natural fly repellent and the natural fly repellent is ready to use.

Now you could use the best natural fly repellent directly on your skin when you are going out and then you can put these in to the spray bottle and could spray it all over the house or in the rooms and the places where there is more flies and then you will see the smell of these repellent will actually stop the flies from even entering the house.